Not Yet Musty

E.F. OlssonThe blog still has that new smell to it, it’s still clean and crisp. Soon though, it will get that musty smell of books like an old library has – that familiar stench that flares the nostrils as you enter. This is my library of work. The cobwebbed corner of my mind connecting to the books that keep me sleepless at night. You’ll find the uncanny, the spooky, and the creepy.

I love to conjure the spirits that haunt my mind and tell their stories. The collection will be shared here.

I_Hepled_Bury_My_Neighbor_BOOKCOVERCurrently, you can find my short story, I Helped Bury My Neighbor, on Wattpad. Here is the link to that story. While you are there, be sure to follow me.

My flash fiction story, The Radio, won the weekend competition at You can see what they thought of my winning story along with reading it. I have changed it slightly since submitting the story – I’ll share it here later.

I haunt the halls of Twitter and Facebook. I invite you to follow along.

E.F. Olsson


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