Photo: Sonja O.
Photo: Sonja O.

A LITTLE HAND by E.F. Olsson

The aquarium was busy for a Tuesday afternoon. It was my first time there since the day Justin was taken from me. I’ve fought coming here for the past five years, but I felt myself drawn here for this anniversary and to the coral reef tank where I saw him last. I was trying to give him some independence when a large group passed between us and I lost him in the rush of the moment – he simply vanished.

Why did I do that? Why wasn’t I more cautious?

My reflection in the thick glass of the tank took over my attention. I was no longer standing alone. The hairs on my arm stood. A boy was beside me. He put his small, cold hand in mine. I looked down at him thinking that he must have mistook me for his parent but there was no one there – my hand was empty.

A tiny hand print appeared in the glass of the tank. In that moment, I felt a comfort I hadn’t felt since.

A SMALL HAND was my story for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer’s weekly competition. They supply the photo prompt and a story of 100-150 words (plus/minus 25 words) must been written based on it. I used the ‘plus words’ with my story coming in at 174 words.

Copyright © 2015 E.F. Olsson. All rights reserved.

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16 thoughts on “A LITTLE HAND by E.F. Olsson {SHORT FLASH}

  1. I’m sorry. I was so involved reading your story I forgot to thank you for participating in FFfAW! We are happy you participated in this challenge and hope you enjoy it and continue to participate.


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