A REAL SHOW by E.F. OlssonA REAL SHOW by E.F. Olsson

Everyone was gathering around. It was supposed to be a throwaway match but Farmer Jack had the crowd in awe. He had the champ, Cowboy Orson, in a choke hold. He spun Orson around, lifted him up, and dropped him into a massive pile driver. Orson’s head bent back as his head crunched into the ring.

Farmer Jack bounced up shocked. The crowd fell silent. He surprised himself. No one has ever done that to the champion before. But once it sunk in, the crowd began to roar. They started chanting, “do it again!”

Jack smiled. He wanted to. Orson just laid there – his eyes were spinning. He was gasping for air. Jack gave into the crowds wishes.

“What are you doing?” The referee asked.

“Puttin’ on a show.”

Jack held Orson up as the crowd cheered on every move. He jumped and drove Orson’s head into the mat again. He stood to the ovation. Orson went pale. His lips were turning blue. The referee gestured to Jack. He quickly laid across Orson.

“One! Two! Three!” The ref yelled.

As Jack grabbed the championship belt, he knew he was supposed to lose but as they took Orson off on the stretcher, he showed the crowd just how real wrestling is.

Copyright © 2015 E.F. Olsson. All rights reserved.

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