Bennett hadn’t expected the box to arrive so fast. It came within days of ordering it online. The brown box was small, light, and filled mostly with bubble wrap. The man who sold him the radio device inside told him to be careful with it. “If you don’t know what you’re doing with it, don’t do anything. Send it back. I’ll give you your money back. I don’t want you getting hurt by what you’re trying,” the man told him. “This is for the professionals.” But he sold it to Bennett anyway.

Even with the warning and the jokes from his friends, Bennett knew that he wanted the spirit box. The guys on the TV ghost hunting shows used them. They made it seem easy and harmless. Once Jeremy died, Bennett tried anything he could to communicate with his older brother once more. This would do it.

The spirit box was the size of a paperback book. It had an electronic display that flashed the AM radio stations. Bennett inserted the batteries and click the spirit box on – the display lit up in a green glow. Bennett hit the one button on the face of the device causing the stations to rapidly change along with a rapid burst of audio – a mix of people talking, a song, a commercial, and static. It sounded robotic.

Bennett listened closely remembering what the man had told him. “Behind the noise of what’s on the radio, you’ll hear white noise. Say hello, call out for who you’re searching for, ask your questions. But always remember, when you’re done, say good-bye, wait for a sign, then shut it off. Bad spirits are always waiting to cross back over. If you don’t say good-bye, they’ll come out. You’ll regret it.”

The display flashed the stations so fast it started to hurt Bennett’s eyes. The white noise finally hissed in the background. “Hello,” Bennett said. Nothing came across as the audio skipped by. “Jeremy?” Bennett could make out words from the distorted audio. Then a males voice bled through. “Who is this?” Bennett said.

“Who. You. Seek.” The voice said in a metallic tone.

Bennett’s face paled. “Jeremy?”

“Yes,” the voice responded.

“This is Jeremy?”


“I miss you, Jeremy.”

“I. Do. The. Same. Let. Me. Back. To. See. You.”

“You’ll come out of the box?”

“Yes. I. Come. Back. Out. To. See. Let. Me. Out.”

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Let. Me. See. You. Out.”

Bennent stepped away from the box. Next to him was the last photo he took with Jeremy before he was sent off overseas – Jeremy was in his military uniform as Bennent looked up at him. Bennett wiped away the tears that were forming. “No,” he said back to the spirit box.

“I. Will. Come. For. You,” the voice said as a static hiss blurted out from the speakers. Bennett panicked and quickly pressed the power button. He popped out the batteries. The room was silent.

“I didn’t say good-bye!”

Copyright © 2015 E.F. Olsson. All rights reserved.

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