RUTH, a short flash fiction, by E.F. Olsson.

RUTH by E.F. Olsson

Ruth always sat in the corner – alone and quiet. She kept to herself not to intrude on Cindy and Andy. Cindy loved her and would often speak with her even though she knew that Ruth wouldn’t be able to speak back. It was comforting for both to have the companionship – regardless of the fact that it was more one sided.

Andy could care less about Ruth. She knew it. He wasn’t ashamed to show it – a rude comment here, a nasty comment there, or the evil eye. But Ruth understood that they were both only children and that in time all this would be over with; she tried to appreciate the time that she was having with the children before age would force her to be sent away from the family.

Day after day, Ruth just watched with her large, dark, round eyes. But little did Cindy and Andy know, Ruth walked at night. She carefully watched Cindy peacefully sleep. She would pull the sheets up if Cindy seemed cold, or brush the curls away from her face. She stood next to Andy and pinched his nose until he gasped out for air and whispered into his little ear until nightmare’s stirred him. She placed her cold hands into his watching him fidget. Every word or look he said, she remembered and made him pay.

Before Cindy and Andy woke, Ruth carefully settled herself back onto the shelf next to the other porcelain dolls. There, she watched and waited until she was alone again at night.

Copyright © 2015 E.F. Olsson. All rights reserved.

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