Chapter one… done!

Ghost_BehindI’ve been sticking to my writing goals and it has been paying off. I’ve been waking up hours before everyone else in the house so I can get about an hour or so worth of writing in. In the beginning of chapter one I was pouring out the words. After day one I had 1,600 words but didn’t like it so I restarted and it came out better and what I was looking for. After about two weeks of doing this, I’ve finished chapter one! I’m excited. It’s about 5,000 words. Once I finish the entire novel I’ll go back and do all the revisions so I expect that the word count will grow.

I’m shooting for a novel between 55,000 to 60,000 words. That’s about the length of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw and Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black. Yes, mine is a ghost story. At this rate, if all 12 chapters are this length, I’ll have a story about 60,000. I know that some chapters may be shorter – like chapter 2 and others will be longer. I envision chapter three will be longer.

Facing the blank page of chapter two was harder than starting chapter one. For chapter one, I was excited and had been planning it so much in my mind that everything that I needed to write it was there. I think that chapter two is the hardest. But it’s started. Hopefully next week at this time I’ll have it completed and one with chapter three. That’s half the time it took to write chapter one but I just want to get it done and out of my head. I have a deadline to beat.

Plus, I’ve discovered a new podcast called, Chilling Tales For Dark Nights. The production of the stories that they read is amazing. They offered a preview of the upcoming episode and it sounded like a commercial for a movie. If you have a moment, try to give it a listen and make sure you subscribe. They also have a writing contest. I have a story in mind to write for their January contest. I hope to have that done and submitted in addition to what I’m writing for my novel.

Do you have writing goals that you’re working one? How is your book coming along? Leave your comments below.

Thank you for visiting.

E.F. Olsson



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