Eleanor_by_Jason_GurleyEleanor by Jason Gurley is one of those books that will stick with you long after you’ve finished reading it. The story follows Eleanor as she lives through the tragedy of the death of her twin sister and how she deals with her parents as they mourn the loss.

The novel is very well written and thought-out. It’s complex and deals with post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, torn families, guilt and grief. And if all that isn’t enough, it also has elements of sci-fi and fantasy.

Even though the topics have been covered before in books, it’s unique in Eleanor and very well done. You will love Gurley’s writing – it’s very lyrical and draws you into the story. He also has a different take on time and space and the effects of tragedy of those that have left behind. But to tell too much is to give away spoilers.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book or not but I was surprised by how much I did indeed like it. It was haunting and a real page turner. Gurley’s descriptions were like nothing I’ve ever read. This was the first that I’ve heard of him. I’ll start looking for his work now.

(I was given a copy of Eleanor by Jason Gurley in exchange for an honest review.)


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