juiceTHE GOOD DRINK by E.F. Olsson

His eyes went wide after he took the first sip of his drink. Did he notice anything different about it this time? Did he know that I put something in it? I watched him as he took another sip. Then another. His eyes peered at me over the rim of the glass. I looked away. Was he on to me?

He had this coming. If you knew him like I did, you would understand and you would do the same thing. I did feel guilty when I was mixing it together and he quickly took the drink. I felt guilty as he spoke to me right before he started drinking. I tried making small talk with him but I was so occupied on the drink and every time he put it up to his lips to understand what we were talking about. He knew something was going on by the way I was watching him. I tried to be nonchalant about the whole situation but I wanted to make sure he drank everything and it kicked in.

He swirled the liquid around in his cup. I couldn’t help but smile. He was dissolving the powder even further. If he kept this up there wouldn’t be any trace of residue left at the bottom of the cup. I was lost in the swirl. He was speaking to me but the swirl, the dissolving powder, the evidence would be gone. I could quickly take the cup from him and put it in the dishwasher. I would scrub it first, then the dishwasher. That’s it. That’s perfect.

“Everything alright?” He asked in a demanding voice like he had repeated it over and over.

I smiled and tilted my head like nothing was wrong, or different. Maybe he was he on to me. But by now it would be too late. He drank more than half of the mixed concoction. As I was about to answer his eyes bulged a bit. It was slight but noticeable. I noticed it. Is it happening already? This fast. Should I leave? But I need the cup. I don’t want him dropping the cut and spilling anything. It would stain the carpet for sure.

He frowned then forced a smile. I held in a laugh at the sight. His face began to turn a pinkish red. Our eyes locked together for a moment until he awkwardly looked away. If he knew what was happening he would never trust me again. Ever.

“I’m fine, honey. Just finish your drink,” I said with a smile. It was more like a grin. Maybe a little too devious but I couldn’t help it.

He eyed the drink, what little was left of it, and began to finish it off.

“Good boy,” I said.

I watched him set the cup aside and swipe his mouth. Some days a toddler needs a little powder in his drink to keep him regular.

“Good boy. Was that a good drink?”

Copyright © 2016 E.F. Olsson. All rights reserved. (Photo credit goes to

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