Stockholm_Noir_bookWho knew that Stockholm Sweden had such a bad side? With Stockholm Noir, which is edited by Nathan Larson and Carl-Michael Edenborg, you get 13 tales that show the darkside of the capitol of Sweden. The ‘Noir’ series by Akashic Books has been extremely popular. This book fits right in with the mood and style of a classic noir and doesn’t disappoint.

The short stories are amazing and filled with powerful writing by Swedish writers. Within each story, you get a dark and gritty look into the land of IKEA and show you that under the surface, things are bad and disturbing and just not right.

Even if you are not familiar with Stockholm or Sweden, that’s fine, these stories will immerse you into the city. I love Sweden and Stockholm, even though I’ve never been there so I’m not entirely familiar with the layout of the city, but the stories are filled with excellent descriptions that I didn’t feel lost or confused with the landscape of the city or where the story was going.

I’m also new the ‘noir’ genre. I won a copy of Stockholm Noir with the hope that I would leave an honest review. Once they said that the book was on its way, I was excited to start reading it since I love Sweden. The book was excellent. Was I reading it with blue and yellow glasses on? No. I’m critical of books and will put them down if they aren’t any good. With that said, I was hesitant and how these stories would be since I’m not a big reader or noir and mystery, plus I never heard of any of these authors. But I was impressed. The stories in the book were translated from Swedish to English but came across natural and easy to read. I want to start looking up some of the authors to see if they have some ‘English‘ work out there.

If you have read any of the other Akashic Books in the noir series, I’m sure you’ll find cliches, similar stories, and themes that have been beaten to death, but I’m sure these will feel different with the Scandinavian angle. I was lost in the stories and had a hard time putting the book down.

Tell us what you think about Stockholm Noir or the other books in the series by Akashic Books in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: STOCKHOLM NOIR by Akashic Books

    1. I didn’t know you were writing that, Lori. This is perfect timing. I think you’ll like it.

      The publisher of the book, Akashic Books has a ton of noir books for different cities around the world. If Stockholm isn’t your favorite, perhaps there is another city. I love New Orleans, based on this book here and the quality of it, I might buy the New Orleans Noir book.

      If you have a Barnes & Noble Nook, all the books are on sale (as of 3/4/2016) for only $2.00. I’m sure the smartphone Nook app will work if you don’t mind the digital version. Here is the link to it and all the other books in the noir series:

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      1. Thanks, E.F 🙂 unfortunately I use a Kindle and do not have a smartphone either.. so I will purchase the Stockholm book next week and hopefully the others will come on sale on Amazon eventually 🙂 Appreciate all of the information!

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