THE DOGS by E.F. OlssonTHE DOGS by E.F. Olsson

The dogs ran along the fence line as all of the onlookers watched. Most of the onlookers plugged their ears from the piercing barking sounds and were in complete amazement. A golden retriever stopped and turned her attention to a boy. The two became entangled in a stare down, both unable, or unwilling to blink and lose. The boy was tall for his age, rail thin, with pale white skin. The sides of his thin slit for a mouth curled up; his eyes widened into large dark circles. The dog looked away and whimpered off with the others.

The zoo guide leaned in on the boy. He was a wiry man with beady eyes. He cleared his throat and took in a gasp of air before speaking: “Never seen one of those I take it?”

The boy nodded in approval.

“They called them canines, or dogs. Most of the homes had one or two. But don’t worry, one day we’ll domesticate them like we did the homo sapiens.”

The boy smiled. “Good. I want one.”

THE DOGS is my submission to the weekly writing challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ( This week’s photo prompt of the dogs was provided by Yinglan. The stories word count: 175 words.

Copyright © 2016 E.F. Olsson. All rights reserved.

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