BOOK REVIEW: THE INVOICE by Jonas KarlssonCan money buy you happiness? It can. And this story, THE INVOICE by Jonas Karlsson, explores just what makes a person happy and what that cost is. The Invoice is about an unnamed main character that works at a video store. He lives in a small apartment, enjoys computer games, beer, and the summer. It’s the simple things that makes him happy; he’s content; he’s an underachiever.

Then one day he receives an invoice charging him for his happiness. He ignores the invoice. Then he receives another at a higher amount – you know, interest. And we’re not talking hundreds of dollars, we’re talking about over $600,000!

The EH, or the External Happiness, come to collect . Our main character tries to convince the EH on how the totals are not correct. How things that have caused him unhappiness should lower the amount he’s being charged.

The Invoice is a great follow-up to Karlsson’s book, The Room. Both books were translated from Swedish. With that being said, this story takes place in the capital city of Stockholm. It’s a funny, thought-provoking tale. The only draw back is the main character at times. He’s nameless and can come across as cardboard-ish.

I was given a copy of The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson in exchange for an honest review. It was a fun read. I enjoyed the book and can’t wait for the next book from Karlsson. I do like his writing style and the humor he adds to each of his stories. Now, I just wonder how much I’m going to be charged from the EH for the happiness in reading this book.


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