THE SHED by E.F. Olsson (Nosleep subreddit)


I recently submitted my story, THE SHED, to the Nosleep subreddit on It’s my first time doing that. The story started as a photo prompt for the Flashing Fiction For Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) weekly challenge. But with every rewrite, the story got longer and longer. The limit for the FFfAW is 175 words. The next thing I knew, THE SHED was at 1,039 words. I liked the direction the story was taking but didn’t know what to do with it.

I love reading the stories on the Nosleep subreddit and decided to try it out. Here is the opening of the story:

THE SHED by E.F. Olsson (reddit user ghostsofme)

The shed was the only structure to withstand the fire. The Davidson’s house had caught fire and the blazes reached the other surrounding houses burning them down as well. The entire event happened overnight. The blaring sounds of the fire trucks and screaming woke me up. As my eyes adjusted, all I could see were the flashing lights of the fire trucks and police cars bouncing off of my bedroom walls.

Slowly, neighbors stirred awake and came to their front porches to watch as the firefighters battled the fire. Mr. Davidson sat on the back of an ambulance with an oxygen mask covering his face. Two police officers questioned him, then eventually took him away.

As I look back on it, he wasn’t distraught or emotional. We later learned that Mrs. Davidson and their two children – Andrew and Allen, were found dead the next day in the lower level of the house. I never really knew them. They had only moved into the neighborhood less than a year before the fire took their house. They kept to themselves. Quiet. Typical middle-class yuppy like people. Well dressed. Nice car – a Caddy. They seemed normal to me.

Rumors started to fly around that there was foul play involved. My father seemed to think that they were about to lose the house, so he burnt it down to collect the insurance money. I hadn’t seen Mr. Davidson, or anyone for that matter come by the house in weeks. Then we learned that Mr. Davidson was indeed arrested, but it wasn’t for insurance fraud. It was for the murder of his family.


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