Could Here and Gone by Haylen Beck be the best thriller novel of the summer?

A mother and her children are driving from New York to California to escape from her abusive husband. In the middle of Arizona, they are pulled over by a sheriff. During the routine stop, the sheriff says that he found drugs in the trunk of the car and places her under arrest. She claims that the drugs are not hers and they’ve been planted. But who will believe her? Now that she’s locked up, she can’t see her children. But what children? Where are the children?

Beck, who is the pen name for Stuart Neville, wrote a definite page turner here. It’s hard to review without giving away spoilers, but this book grabs you by the throat. It is creepy. It’s disturbing. It’s chilling.

The reader is given two sides of the story. You get all of the events as it unfolds. Which I wonder if it was a good idea? Would it have been even creepier if you only read the viewpoint of the mother? But you get another person’s viewpoint during the story. Regardless, there is still enough tension cranked up in this book and the two sides an excellently woven together.

I was given a copy of Here and Gone by Haylen Beck in exchange for an honest review. It’s a thought provoking story, a fast read, and perfect for a summer binge.

Have you read Here and Gone by Haylen Beck? Let us know what you thought of it in the comment section below.


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