The package arrived earlier than I had expected. It was a small milk carton like the one kids would drink at school but with an unfamiliar language written on it. The seller promised that the wording was a verse that was meant to summon the spirits; to encourage interacting. I didn’t care. I was desperate. I was more concerned that the small computer inside actually worked.

I synced the carton to the app on my smartphone. There was a faint swirling sound as I turned it on. I left to run some errands because I was too anxious to wait around the house.

About four hours later my phone chimed. The milk carton spirit box recorded something.

I hit the play button: “Where did you go?” A female said in an airy tinted voice. “Where are you?

My chin trembled. It was her. Her soft little voice. “I’m here,” I whispered back into the microphone of the app. “Daddy’s still here.”

I can’t find you.

“I’ll come home. See? Now we can talk again, baby.”

TO TALK AGAIN is my submission to the weekly writing challenge by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers ( This week’s photo prompt was provided by YinglanThe goal of the prompt is to write a story based on the photo. The story must be 75 to 175-words. This story’s word count: 175 words.

Copyright © 2018 E.F. Olsson. All rights reserved.

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