Off in the distance you can hear the whispers echoing from the unseen. What are they saying? You can read them here echoing around the dark halls as shadow people creep through the darkness.


I think a reminder is a good thing, even in ghost form. Great story.” – Holly G.

Great!” – Susan O.

This piece is great. I saw the old town square and heard the music come to a stop when Mr. Kingbird arrived. Great writing.” – A.G.

The ever-present ghost at the party. Nice story.” – Steph E.

Very well written.” – positivethoughts


This is like an urban legend come to life… only for a refreshing change, not everyone dies at the end. I love the narrator’s turn toward doing the right thing at the end, and giving the Gray Lady the peace and closure she’s spent her life (and afterlife) searching for.” – Cara M.

Great job ratcheting up the tension and the gesture of goodwill by the narrator that allows the Gray Lady to rest in peace makes for a refreshing twist and wonderful read.” – Ruth L.

THE LEDGE by E.F. Olsson

This made me feel sick. Well done!” – Andrea C.

I liked “The Ledge”. Nice, crisp, clear, to the point with a great denouement. I got to see the underlying emotions and thinking before it was all wrapped up neatly.” – phil

Nothing uplifting about this one, no sir. A real downer. Should’ve been titled, “Makes You Want to Kill Yourself.” – Summit A

“Visceral.” – Russell F.

Well done but very disturbing.” – Cote

I like how his momentary lapse into callousness rebounded on him. Karma is a bitch.” – Fritz D.

Powerful stuff.” – Kimberly C.

Great nano-fiction at Drabble. This tale does a good job of bringing out the critical elements of the story and ending with a horrifying moment in the protagonist’s mind.” – Phil


With a stronger ending, this would have been my top choice, I think. Gloriously creepy. Man, I hate Ouija boards.” – Cara M.

Umm, yeah, Ouija board seriously creep me out and this story took that creepy vibe and ran with it. Wow. Great job!” – Ruth L.

THE RADIO by E.F. Olsson

This tale of a haunted radio is creative and heartbreaking. The antique’s transition from metaphoric connection to the past and those lost along the way to an actual connection is both sad and a little bit scary.” – Cara M.

I was by turns enchanted and then terrified by this wonderfully inventive piece.” – Ruth L.


Copyright © 2015 E.F. Olsson. All rights reserved.

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